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You can't hack what you can't find.

You can't hack what you can't find.

You can't hack what you can't find.

You can't hack what you can't find.

You can't hack what you can't find.


You can't hack what you can't find.

Yisda is different.

It presents a paradigm shift in cyber security. Instead of putting extra bars, locks and patches on your firewalls and IP ports, it makes them invisible to would-be hackers. At the same time it allows secure transmission of data to continue.

At Yisda, our mission is to secure the digital realm.

The Problem

The frequency and severity in cybercrime, data breaches, and ransomware attacks stems from the convergence of several factors. The lucrative nature and >1% detection and prosecution rates of cybercrime, the widespread digitization of critical systems, the adoption of remote work, the evolution and sophistication of threat technologies, human errors and mismanagement, all contribute to the largest growing threat significantly impacting individuals, businesses, and governments.


70% of cybersecurity breaches are human error.


In 2022, 83% of companies had at least one cyber attack. 70-80% will have a second.


In 2023 the average cost of a ransomware event or data breach in the US was $9.4MM.


By 2025 the annual cost of cyber attacks are projected to reach $10.9 trillion.

39 Sec

At a minimum, a cyber attack happens every 39 seconds. 2,200 + everyday.

The Solution

Yisda’s revolutionary patent-pending anti-hacking technology provides protection against unauthorized access to your IT network / computerized systems and your digital data - both stored and in transit. Yisda cannot remove human error but it does restrict and diminish the impact arising from such errors.

The Yisda

Features, benefits and best use cases.

Best use cases

  • Securing Critical Digital Assets & Systems

  • Network Security, Network Segmentation, Micro Segmentation

  • Secure Access On-Prem & Remote

  • VPN Alternative

  • Protecting Legacy Applications

  • IoT/OT Security

  • Data protection: On-Prem & In The Cloud

  • Cloaked and Encrypted Data In Transit (SFTP)

  • Compliance and Audit Heavy Environments

  • Protecting On-Prem, Cloud-Based, & Remotely Managed Services

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  • IP Port Invisibility

  • Cloaking Endpoint

  • Asset Level Segmentation Security

  • Multiple Layers of Encryption

  • Precision Access Control

  • Distributed Security for Reliability

  • Innovative Zero Trust Architecture


  • No Broadcasting Addresses

  • No open ports

  • Protect networks, network segments, applications, or individual IP addresses

  • No single point of failure/reliability

  • No one node can decrypt the message or  destination

  • No lookup

  • Non-Traversable

  • Not exposed to vulnerabilities of traditional architecture

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The Yisda

Built by Innovators, Hackers and Tech Experts.

The Yisda Team

The team collectively has decades of experience in high-tech industries and cyber security, including providing solutions to AT&T, Intel, Chevron, Pioneer Energy, SpaceX, FirstNet, and the Departments of Defense and of Homeland Security. It includes the former Chief Information Officer of the states of Utah and Hawaii as well as world class experts in digital communication, software engineering, white-hat hacking, mathematics, cryptography and post-quantum security

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Investment + Licensing 

Yisda’s growth strategy includes the engagement of geographically exclusive licensed resellers outside the USA and contracting with one or two key investment partners within the USA. For the right partners (those who can bring more than just funding to the table) Yisda will consider early-stage investment in this worldwide substantially scalable opportunity. Interested parties should contact Yisda at the address below for more information.

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You can't hack what you can't find.

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